XAC tetraplegic joystick. bradbox64.com

Adaptive Chin Check Mod

According to Microsoft, about 14% of all Xbox One gamers have a temporary mobility limitation and 8% of their gamers have a permanent mobility limitation. I did not know that, nor have I ever even considered that physically disabled gamers may experience issues when playing … Read more

C64 Oaky Joysticks

I’m not proud of it but I’ve cheated! It’s a horrible thing to do but I simply didn’t have the patience not to… The initial idea was to grab my kick-a$$ Stihl chainsaw, go fell a suitable oak tree, use my mobile sawmill to make … Read more

Myoungshin Fanta Joystick fightstick for Tekken. Breadbox64.com

Oaky Fanta Fight Stick

I just finished this custom fight stick for a German gamer. The stick is made from a solid piece of oak wood that I got from a local lumber mill and the fight stick is made for the Tekken fighting game. Due to this, I … Read more

Commodore 64 fight stick using a Sanwa JLF joystick and a Seimitsu button

The C64 Fight Stick

As a supplement to my good old Zip Stik joystick (which I favour over the Competition Pros), I wanted to build a joystick based on hardware known from world of arcade machines. As the electronic componets of such a project is quite simple (actually its basically soldering some … Read more

Woody fight stick II arcade fight stick made from oak wood using Seimitsu buttons and Sanwa joysticks

The Woody Fight Stick II

Some time ago I decided to make another fight stick from my arcade spare parts. You can’t ever get enough fight sticks, so why not make another one for the collection… The stick is build from an oak shelve that I glued together and oiled … Read more

Woody Fight stick using an Akishop ps360+ PCB, Sanwa JLF joystick, 30 mm Seimitsu arcade buttons, 24 mm Sanwa arcade buttons and an oak wood case

The Woody Fight Stick

I recently managed to make a ‘regular’ fight stick for the PC/XBox 360/PS3 using an oak shelve that I glued together and used a table saw and a router to trim the sides. I used an Akishop PS360+ board, a Sanwa JLF joystick and 30mm Seimitsu buttons on top … Read more

Consolized MVS Neo-Geo using a MVH MV1T board, lithium battery mod, Universe Bios mod in a cabinet of MDF wood,

The Consolized Neo-Geo Mod

When I was done with the MVS Neo-Geo inspired Universal Fight Stick I moved on to modding a MVS Neo-Geo board that I recently bought. The MVH MV1T board is loaded horizontally which makes it quite a challenge to make a slot in a cased solution slot swapping carts. As … Read more

Universal fight stick for playing original arcade games, Xbox games, Commodore 64 games, Neo-Geo MVS games, Playstation games and PC games.

The Universal Fight Stick

Just wanted to show off what I did in the dark months of winter. I wanted to build a fight stick which could be used for ‘everything’. This included a Neo-Geo MVS, a Commodore 64, a Xbox360, a PC and original arcade game pcb’s using a … Read more