MechBoard64 Light Mod

It has been a while since I last worked on my mechanical keyboard project, the MechBoard64 (link). I have been wanting to add some lights to the keyboard for quite some time, but never got around to it. How cool would an illuminated MechBoard64 look … Read more

C64 Reloaded MK2 SD2IEC CN4b mod. Adding a SD2IEC.


This is a short tutorial on how to mod the C64 Reloaded MK2 (link) motherboard with an SD2IEC unit. The C64R-MK2 comes with jumper pinouts for adding an SD2IEC unit. The pinout is called CN4b and is located near the cassette port. No connectors are … Read more

JiffyDOS Reloaded MK2

Tired of waiting ages for your old floppies to load? One way to speed up transfer times between disk and the Commodore 64 is by substituting the standard CBM Kernal with an enhanced Disk Operating System. In this context, JiffyDOS was created by Mark Fellows in 1985 and … Read more

C64 Reloaded MK2

I finally got myself a C64 Reloaded MK2 motherboard from Individual Computers (link) and some new-old-stock MOS 8580 SIDs. The board is a nice addition to my two MK1 C64 Reloaded boards (link, link) and the first step towards building a brand new Commodore 64 … Read more