Welcome to my blog/website! The content of the site is mainly focused on retro gaming gear and especially the Commodore 64 home computer. These subjects take up most of my spare time when I’m not busy dealing with real life issues like work and family. The goal of the site is primarily to provide information on how I modified or made different add-ons to my retro gaming experience. All the hardware mods have been done in my basement. Some of the components are still in my possession, some have been passed on to others to make room for new projects while some have been fixed for friends or colleagues. For the more technical mods, I have used vast amounts of time to trawl through the internet to grab the right information needed for a specific project. It is my hope that the content of this site will ease the time needed if others want to re-create the mods described here. Please note that if you decide to do one of the mods, they are made at your own risk! I can therefore not be held accountable for any burned fingers or fried retro gear. Nevertheless, all the included mods have worked for me. Specific issues and/or challenges that I have come across have been described in each entry. And please remember: the greatest experience comes when things go wrong!

During the last couple of years,  new hardware are still being made for the Commodore 64 home computer. Several of my posts will therefore focus on some of these hardware items whenever I get the money to get a copy. Furthermore, games are still being produced and released for the Commodore 64. Some of these new games will also be reviewed as well as some of the classics that I have specifically great memories from.

Despite the coincidence in name, this site has no affiliation to the C64/128 Twitter client, made by Johan Van den Brande, whatsoever. The ‘Breadbox64 Twitter Client’ may be reviewed at some time as it is a very cool piece of software!

Please feel free to add comments on the site or drop me an email here.

Hope you enjoy the content as much as I did creating it!


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