The TOM Rev2 adapter. Commodore 64.

The TOM Rev2 Review

Getting tired of using your old Competition Pro joystick with the sloppy spring and the far-from-always-working fire buttons? If so, you could clean and possibly change the worn out parts of the joystick as described here (link) or you could look for a replacement joystick. … Read more

Electroware PSU 64 power supply for the Commodore 64.

Electroware C64 PSU

Replacing the original Commodore 64 power supply may be the single most valuable step to prolong the life of the old hardware! The main issue with the original C64 power supplies is the 5V line. When it eventually fails (and it will!), from e.g. a shorted internal … Read more

Brand new Commodore 64 cases in retro black.

Pixelwizard C64C case

I recently purchased a C64 Reloaded MK2 motherboard (link) to accompany my other two C64 Reloaded boards (link, link) that I have in my collection. I guess I couldn’t ignore the thrill of getting new hardware… Anyways, instead of mounting it in an old case (C64C slim case … Read more

C64 Oaky Joysticks

I’m not proud of it but I’ve cheated! It’s a horrible thing to do but I simply didn’t have the patience not to… The initial idea was to grab my kick-a$$ Stihl chainsaw, go fell a suitable oak tree, use my mobile sawmill to make … Read more