C64 Hardware

This section contains all the different Commodore 64 computers that I have or try to track down. The goal is to refurbish the hardware to reassemble the originals as close as possible. However, whenever more modern options can be added to prolong the expected lifespan of the hardware or simply add functionality to the gear, I most often choose to do so. This could be by adding heat sinks to the larger ICs (SID, VIC-II, PLA, MPU), replacing the electrolytic capacitors and the voltage regulators or by exchanging the capacitor at C38 with a larger one to make the RESTORE key work better. Thus, I simply try to preserve the original hardware without compromising the ‘soul’ of the machines.

This is to my knowledge the complete list of PCB motherboards (including prototype boards) that were produced by Commodore. Active links are machines that I have in my collection:

Prototype Boards (1982)
Prototype without an Assy No.
Assy 326298 Rev. 6

Version A (1982)
Assy 326298
Assy 326298 Rev. A
Assy 326298 Rev. B
Assy 326298 Rev. C

Version A-CR (1983)
Assy 250407 Rev. A
Assy 250407 Rev. B
Assy 250407 Rev. C

Version B (1984)
Assy 250425 Rev. A
Assy 250425 Rev. B

Version B-2 (1985)
Assy 250441

Version B-3 (1986)
Assy 250466

Version E (1987)
Assy 250469 Rev. 1
Assy 250469 Rev. 3
Assy 250469 Rev. 4
Assy 250469 Rev. A
Assy 250469 Rev. B
Assy 250469 Rev. B (C64 Games System)

Version C64 Reloaded MK1 (2015)
Precision Sockets
ZIF Sockets

Version C64 Reloaded MK2 (2017)
C64 Reloaded MK2

Version Ultimate64 (2018)
Ultimate64 Elite

Version SixtyClone C64 (2020)
Assy 250466


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