Commodore 64. Mod of the year 2016.

Mod of the Year 2016

A year has passed since Mod of the Year 2015 was presented on these pages (link). That mod was based on a very discolored breadbox case which was spray-painted. It also had heaps of holes to accommodate potentiometers and plugs for the audio signals. As this years mod, Mod … Read more

SD2IEC device from 16×8 Digital Retrovation. Internal installation in a Commodore 64C case / Kickstarter case. More images on

SD2IEC Mini Device

Primarily for nostalgic reasons, I still keep a few 5.25″ floopies in my collection. However, there are so many other ways to handle Commodore 64 programs and games than having to fiddle around with old diskettes. One of these devices is the SD2IEC which I have described … Read more

Commodore 64 Project SIDFX sound mod. Swapping between SID chip files by flicking a switch. Read more on

The SIDFX Sound Mod

The semi analog SID chip (Sound Interface Device) is an electronic music synthesizer and its distinctive sounds are easily recognized by any Commodore 64 owner. Back in the days, most SID tunes ended up in games or demos to basically support the graphics on the … Read more

New C64C RF box with s-video and mini jack out for connection to modern TV's. Read the review on

C64C RF Box Mod

The video signals coming from the Commodore 64 may be challenged by numerous factors including the version of VIC-II graphics chip being used and the applied display technology (e.g. LCD, LED, Plasma or CRT). The problems are easily recognized in the form of vertical lines (banding … Read more

Ocean Park Arcade review on The arcade is located in Millenium City Mall in Vienna, Austria

Ocean Park Arcade

In the heart of Vienna, Austria lies the Millenium City Mall. The shopping center is like any other in the world, but in the basement you will find a little gem of an arcade hall… Compared to the arcade ‘Virtualand’ in Singpore (link), which was an arcade … Read more