C64 Reloaded ZIF

This is the C64 Reloaded board I was lucky to get from the normal sale on Individual Computers website. The board is equipped with green ZIF sockets with New-Old-Stock CPU and SID chips which have never been installed in any machine before. The VIC-II and the CIA chips have both been used before. The CPU is a 6510, the SID is a 8580R5 and the VIC-II is a 6569R5 chip. The PLA have been replaced by a SuperPLA V3 and the 8701 with a CSG8701 replacement circuit.

The machine has orange 3D printed keyboard mounts from Shapeways.

This is a blue Commodore 64C case from the Kickstarter Campaign. The case currently has no keys as I’m waiting for new keys from the Indiegogo campaign.

The outside of the machine without keycaps:

This is a 3D printed power cover that I got from Shapeways (link). It closes the gap surrounding the power plug of the C64 Reloaded.

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  1. The C64 Reloaded boards have more or less been sold out from Individual Computers (link). There may be a few left, but you have to either watch the online C64 forums or register at Individual Computers to get an email when (if) they come on sale. If funding is not an issue, you may be able to find one on Ebay, but they are quite expensive 🙁

  2. I would like to know what is going to happen with the demand of the C64 Reloaded? I am very serious about buying one. Also, what is happening with Individual Computers? Thank you.

  3. It seems that Individual Computers will be producing two new versions of the C64 Reloaded. According to an interview on YouTube with Jens Schönfeld of Individual Computers, one version will be much like the first version (like the one imaged on this page) but without the MOS chips. The second version should be based on a FPGA board (like the Chameleon board but with additional connectors etc.). As Jens Schönfeld and Tommes (link) bought the Kickstarter case molds from Dallas Moore, they will also be selling new C64C cases from this shop (link). They even bought the licenses of the Commodore trademarks, so they will also be able to add licensed logos on everything as well. It’s it going to be a great years for Commodore 64 fans!

  4. I’ve only seen a date for the standard mk2 version which is in late November 2017. There may be more info on the FPGA version on some of the German forums…

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