New C64C Cases

These are the cases that I got from the Kickstarter Campaign earlier this year and from Ebay. I got a transparent, a blue and a couple of beige ones. The transparent now holds my C64 Reloaded with precision sockets board while the blue has my C64 Reloaded with ZIF sockets. The two beige ones will be used for my old C64C PCBs. The finish of the cases is really good and they should not turn yellow as time passes by like the old cases do.

The following images are with a Breadbox keyboard installed to make it look more in use.

UPDATE: The original molds have since been sent to Germany and new cases can be purchased from the Pixelwizard shop (link). I have a case in black. A review of the case can be found here (link).

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15 comments on “New C64C Cases

  1. So nice those transparant cases and of course the other colors! Will they ever be for sale?

  2. I don’t think the transparent cases will ever come on sale again 🙁 They were a part of the Kickstarter campaign a few years back. However, if the owners of the molds decide to make another batch in transparent, they may be produced again. Fingers crossed 🙂

  3. The molds are no longer in Dallas’ possession. He sold them to the guys in Germany who in turn are selling new cases for 5x the price Dallas sold them for.

  4. Yes, the cases are being sold by pixelwizard’s shop on Germany now. The price is a little higher than the US$ price. However, for people living in Europe the price is actually a little cheaper as we do not have to pay import charges, custom fees etc. like we had to when ordering from the US. But for Americans the price has increased 🙁

  5. @C64Love – How is 50 euros (just under $58), five times the price of the $35 dollars the cases were on Kickstarter? Even with postage its still under $90.

  6. Hi jonas, I’m pretty sure these cases were never made in green. Your best option would therefore be to paint an old case if you want it green 🙂

  7. Hi Adrian, I don’t have any spare cases but they can usually be found on Ebay 🙂 New cases can be purchased from the Pixelwizard shop (link)

  8. I have never heard of a Commodore 64 case made in metal. The ones I kow of, are all made of plastic. However, you may be able to source a Commodore C64x somewhere. That machine came with a PC build in 🙂

  9. Hi, You can probably find a nice white C64G breadbox case on Ebay or similar places. The cases on this page will also fit whatever C64 hardware is inside your C64G 🙂

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