Assy 250469 Rev. A

This is a Version E PCB produced from 1987 (known revisions include Rev. 3, Rev.4, Rev. A & Rev. B). These motherboards are also known as the Commodore 64C short boards. The BASIC and Kernal ROM’s have been combined in a single IC at U4. The keyboard connector and CIA #1 (MOS 6526) have changed locations. The PLA and various TTL chips have been replaced by a new 64-pin IC. The board revision introduced a new SID chip (MOS 8580) which runs at 9V, and a new VIC-II graphics chip (MOS 8565) running at 5V.

The inside of the machine:


The MPU, SID and VIC-II chips have been equipped with heatsinks, attached with thermal tape, to make them run cool during usage.

All electrolytic capacitors and voltage regulators have been replaced by new ones as described in the C64 Capacitor Mod.

This is a surplus beige Commodore 64C case from the Kickstarter Campaign that I got on Ebay. The finish of the case is really good and it should not turn yellow as time passes by as the old cases do. The case currently has no keys as I’m waiting for new keys from the Indiegogo campaign.

The outside of the machine without keycaps:

The power LED color is red.

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