Commodore 64 Panic Analogue padle game from Goin' Sideways distributed by RGCD. Game review on

Panic Analogue

Little Redhead is trapped in his cave. The only way to survive is by catching the droplets of water and fireballs that are constantly falling from above. The concept is easy for anyone to pick up, but mastering the game calls for Jedi-like skills! Panic Analogue … Read more

Commodore 64C Assy 250469 Rev 4 that came with a strange looking white keyboard. Read more on

Strange C64 Keyboard

A broken Commodore 64C, with an Assy no. 250469 Rev. 4 short board, recently landed on my workbench (the repair job can be found here). The entire machine looks just like any other C64C machine I’ve put my hands on. Except for the keyboard! When compared to … Read more