Commodore 64GS

This is my copy of the Commodore 64 Game System (C64GS). The only modification I have made to the system is replacing the capacitors. I even left the cardboard RF-shield inside to keep it as original as possible. The motherboard is a Version E PCB (Assy 250469 Rev. B) with the modified Expansion port so cartridges can be inserted vertically.

The inside of the machine:

The ROMs are different from the standard C64C as there is no support for a keyboard. If no cartridge has been inserted in to the machine, an instruction of how to load the system with a cartridge game is displayed.

All capacitors have been replaced by new ones as described here.

The is the biggest difference from a normal C64C PCB – the Expansion port has been replaced by a version which enables a vertical insertion of game cartidges.

This is the outside of the machine:

The power LED color is green.

I broke the warranty seal in order to see what condition the PCB was in. It’s always a choice to break an untouched machine….

This is the box that the system came in:

The system came bundled with a Cheetah Annihilator joystick of horrible quality.

The original game cartridge for the C64 Games System completed the system.

The gaming manual for the cartridge.

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4 thoughts on “Commodore 64GS”

  1. Hi, my name is Agu, I’m from SPAIN. Yesterday I found my C64GS that my father bought me at 1991. I have original box (some damage), instructions, garantee, tickets…. Do you know his price? Where I can sell it?

  2. Hi Agu, sounds like you have found a treasure there! Prices obviously varies depending on the general condition of the machine. You can have a look on Ebay or any other second hand service for prices. But you may be able to make a little money on it. I would personally keep it if I was you – but that is just me 🙂 Good luck with the sale!

  3. Great work. I recently picked one of these up for the princely sum of €25, am looking to restore it, would you know of any place to get some cartridge slot covers as my machine is missing them.
    Also a link to a cap kit if one available would be great, adding this to the collection is a dream come true 😀

  4. Hi Gary, Nice purchase! Retroleum Spares Shop (link) may have a cap kit for your C64 GS. The motherboard is an Assy 250469, so you just have to check the revision number on your board when ordering.
    The cartridge slot covers may be a little harder to source. I have seen them as 3D prints on various sites (Thingiverse/Shapeways). However, a quick search didn’t give me any useable result 🙁 Ebay may also be an option. Good luck with the reapair!

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