Commodore 64 Montezuma's Revenge featuring Panama Joe game review including a walkthrough video

Montezuma’s Revenge

This is the Commodore 64 game that I remember playing the most as a kid. I used to play it for hours at a friends house. I think we made it to the 5th or 6th level and then died. Good times! When I picked up the … Read more

Commodore 64 Games System on

Commodore 64GS

I have been wanting to get a copy of the Commodore 64 Game System (C64GS) for quite some time now. However, getting one online is usually expensive (insanely expensive!!) and only very few cartidge game titles can actually be played on the system. A few weeks … Read more

Commodore 64 beige Kickstarter case vs. Commodore 64C standard case color

KS vs. C64C Case Color

I just bought two beige colored Kickstarter cases from Ebay. I guess, Dallas Moore (the guy who stumbled across the original molds of the Commodore 64C case and decided to make a few batches), made a few extras that he is now selling through his … Read more