EasyFlash 3

This is my copy of the EasyFlash 3 cartridge created by Skoe. I got it fully assembled and ready to go from Retro Innovations. The cart is the big brother of the EasyFlash and it provides  7 EasyFlash slots which can be chosen from the boot menu when plugged into the Commodore 64. Furthermore, it can replace the internal CBM Kernal with one of up to 8 Kernals which can be saved on the cartridge. The external Kernal option has the same compatibility to software as if it had been built-in.

The buttons on the top can be used to access the different menus in the firmware.

The cartridge has been placed in a modified plastic Universal Game Case with a custom made foam insert and cover art.


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11 thoughts on “EasyFlash 3”

  1. Weirdest thing happened here. Tried to flash the menu ini file to slot 0 but nothing shows up on directory. The file is only 200kB so its well under the limit. Any ideas?

  2. Sounds strange. Have you tried flashing the ‘ef3-menu.crt’ file instead of the ‘ef3-init.crt’ file to Slot 0? The menu file doesn’t contain any example Kernals (just the EF Menu and EasyProgram) so it should contain the minimum amount of data to start up the EF3 cart. If it still doesn’t work, you can send me the file and I’ll test it for you on my EF3 hardware 🙂 Let me know how it goes!

  3. Here’s a question: If I put the EF3 in data mode… can I update the CPLD core from the 64 (assuming all relevant files are on drive 8)?

  4. Flashed Easyprog to 1.8.1 and ef3-menu to 1.3.1 but now can’t program kernals.I noticed this happened after upgrading to ef3-menu-init.1.2.0.Any suggestions?

  5. Update: Went back to 1.04 and can flash kernals again but they wont boot…I assume you reboot with the left button for kernals?

  6. Yes, I use the left button for rebooting the cart and enter the EF3 menu with the Kernals and programs. I just tested it and it works for me 🙂

  7. I am curious on the packaging. Was this something that only some resellers provided and only for a limited time? I also like the 3D label on the cart itself. Mine came with a flat label printed on plain paper.

  8. Hi there, the package is from RGCD (link). The case is an Universal Game Case complete with a manufactured ahdesive foam insert that is specifically designed to hold the classic style C64 cartridges (as used by RGCD). The label was made by me. RGCD also offered the cases empty so I bought a few for my custom cartridges including the EF3. However, they have since been replaced by other plastic cases and is no longer available 🙁
    The 3D dome label came with my EF3 when I purcahsed it from RetroInnovations.

  9. Thanks for the info. My EF3 from RetroInnovations did not include the dome label. I guess those were in limited supply. On a different note, something went wrong after I tried to flash a Super Snapshot 5 kernel. The menu no longer came up. I read on Skoe’s website that the kernel files must be exactly 8k in size. Of course, the SS5 was not. I guess I got confused on the file types. Looks like Skoe also provided specific instructions for flashing the SS5. I will have to go review this. Since this action resulted in me needing to reflash the init file, the one I download from Skoe’s website also has new default kernal entries. I guess I should contact RETRO Innovations to see if they offer the other init file.

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