Assy 250469 Rev. B

This is a Version E PCB produced from 1987 (known revisions include Rev. 3, Rev.4, Rev. A & Rev. B). These motherboards are also known as the Commodore 64C short boards. The BASIC and Kernal ICs have been combined in a single ROM at U4. The keyboard connector and CIA #1 (MOS 6526) have changed locations. The PLA and various TTL chips have been replaced by a new 64-pin IC. The board revision introduced a new SID chip (MOS 8580) which runs at 9V, and a new VIC-II graphics chip (MOS 8565) running at 5V.

The inside of the machine:

All electrolytic capacitors have been replaced by new ones as described in the C64 Capacitor Mod.

The outside of the case:

The power LED color is green.

The power supply unit is in really great shape.

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