Quod Init Exit IIm Commodore 64 game review on breadbox64.com

Quod Init Exit IIm

What may seem like a very silly idea at first, may just turn out to be great when placed in the hands of creative and skilled people. Here is an example: let’s make a platform game for the Commodore 64, have the main character take … Read more

Montezuma's Revenge for the Commodore 64 on tape. breadbox64.com

Monte’s Rev. on Tape!

My all time favourite game for the Commodore 64 is Montezuma’s Revenge by Parker Brothers! I own the game on diskette but never managed to get a copy of it on tape. After years of searching for it online, I finally found a copy on Ebay! How … Read more

Commodore 64 Rick Dangerous Video Game Authority grade of 95 (mint condition). Gold level. Read the post on breadbox64.com

C64 VGA Grades!

After waiting patiently for more than two months, I finally recieved my Commodore 64 games back from grading by the Video Game Authority (VGA). The VGA (link) is a company which verifies the authenticity of games, checks for signs of tampering and appoint each game with a … Read more