The TOM Rev2 adapter. Commodore 64.

The TOM Rev2 Review

Getting tired of using your old Competition Pro joystick with the sloppy spring and the far-from-always-working fire buttons? If so, you could clean and possibly change the worn out parts of the joystick as described here (link) or you could look for a replacement joystick. … Read more

C64 Oaky Joysticks

I’m not proud of it but I’ve cheated! It’s a horrible thing to do but I simply didn’t have the patience not to… The initial idea was to grab my kick-a$$ Stihl chainsaw, go fell a suitable oak tree, use my mobile sawmill to make … Read more

USB adapters for Commodore joystivks to modern PC's. more on

USB Joystick Adapters

Some people find it tedious to fiddle around with the good old Commodore 64 hardware but would still like to play some of the old games. They don’t mind playing the games in an emulator, as long as the joystick is one of the originals, … Read more

Joysticks that are being cleaned and maintaned in the post. Competition Pro, ZipStik, The Arcade Joystick, QuickShot II Turbo.

Joystick Maintenance

The repeated pounding on the fire buttons combined with the way most platform games have the hero go towards the right side of the screen, may eventually wear down the micro-switches in most Commodore 64 joysticks. The first sign of wear is usually in the form of a sluggish response … Read more

Commodore 64 fight stick using a Sanwa JLF joystick and a Seimitsu button

The C64 Fight Stick

As a supplement to my good old Zip Stik joystick (which I favour over the Competition Pros), I wanted to build a joystick based on hardware known from world of arcade machines. As the electronic componets of such a project is quite simple (actually its basically soldering some … Read more