Metal Slug inspired arcade machine with Pandora's Box 3 JAMMA arcade games

Metal Slug Arcade

My six year old nephew recently told me that he was saving up money to get a Sony PlayStation 7… I have heard of a PS 4, but at my age it’s socially acceptable not to be completely up-to-date with the latest console versions… Curious as … Read more

Commodore 64 modded with RGB LED's to light up during gaming.

Dashing Flashing C64

During the light hours of the day, the machine looks just like any other Commodore 64 in a transparent Kickstarter case…. However, when entering the dark hours of the night, the case is transformed into an inferno of light – a dashing flashing Commodore 64!!! … Read more

Happy 1 year birthday

One Year & 64 Posts

One year and 64 posts later… Exactly one year ago, the first blog post was uploaded here on – and today the 64th (quite a coincidence in numbers there, eh?) post is being uploaded! During the last year many many hours of soldering, faultfinding, game-playing, … Read more

Commodore 64 Rick Dangerous Video Game Authority grade of 95 (mint condition). Gold level. Read the post on

C64 VGA Grades!

After waiting patiently for more than two months, I finally recieved my Commodore 64 games back from grading by the Video Game Authority (VGA). The VGA (link) is a company which verifies the authenticity of games, checks for signs of tampering and appoint each game with a … Read more

Using an Arduino Pro Mini to do warm and cold resets of a Commodore 64 C. The number of resets is shown on an I2C LCD dsiplay. Read more on including the source code for the project.

Reset Display Mod

Nothing beats the thrill of modding a mod!! The Switchless Reset Mod (link), in which an Arduino Pro Mini is used to do Warm or Cold Resets (Soft and Hard Resets), needed a little upgrade… Instead of just resetting the C64, I wanted to keep track … Read more

Switchless Reset Mod. Arduino Pro Mini used for doing warm and cold resets withour the need to drill a hole in the cabinet. Read the review and retrieve the Arduino code on

Switchless Reset Mod

Turning the Commodore 64 off and on every time it needs to be reset, may eventually cause the power switch to malfunction or even put unnecessary stress on the fragile chips. Because of this, people have been installing reset switches for years using a momentary … Read more

Bomberland game for the Commodore 64, up to 5 players can play simultaneously. Read more on


Welcome to Bomberland, the land whose residents have a passion for explosive events! Unfortunately, evil forces have reached into the treasury of the democratic country. Lord Bomber, the leader of an extreme national party, has taken over Bomberland and turned it into a totalitarian regime and forced the … Read more