Welcome to Bomberland, the land whose residents have a passion for explosive events! Unfortunately, evil forces have reached into the treasury of the democratic country. Lord Bomber, the leader of an extreme national party, has taken over Bomberland and turned it into a totalitarian regime and forced the good people of the land into slavery… You, as the leader of the opposition movement, have been considered the number one enemy of Bomberland. You therefore have to quickly find and defeat Lord B. You are the only hope to save Bomberland!

The complete Commodore 64 Bomberland game review, including the final verdict, can be found here (link)

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2 thoughts on “Bomberland”

  1. Bomberland is an absolute highlight in the C64 game palette, although there are quite a few good games on the C64. Unfortunately, there is still no SD2IEC-compatible version of the game. The alternative to this, which is to integrate the loader directly into the firmware of the SD2IEC’s (as has happened recently on Sam’s Journey), has not yet be done. Hope that happens soon as the game is just too good not to be used on all sorts of C64 hardware.

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