Memory Trouble

A black screen Commodore 64C Version E short board (Assy no. 250469 Rev. 4) landed on my workbench a couple of days ago. Everything started out as a simple power switch replacement and memory IC swap, but ended up being a little more complicated than that. I guess it is important to double check all applied soldering so nothing gets shorted or else new faults may be created unintentionally. The PCB is green so I guess that green Version E boards are not that uncommon as I fabulated in an earlier post found here. Some of the IC’s that were exchanged during the board repair can be seen here.

Commodore 64 Assy 250469 Rev 4. repait log. Faulty RAM modules, CIA and power switch. Read how it was repaired on

Read the rest of the repair job story here.

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  1. Yes! A faulty power supply can fry a whole bunch of chips and cause a black screen 😉

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