250469 PCB in 2 colors

I stumbled across an Assy 250469 Rev. 4 shortboard PCB with a different color than the other Revision E boards that I have. This one is green while the rest of my boards are all yellow. I have only seen one green colored Assy 250469 shortboard before and that is in my Commodore 64 Games System. The Commodore 64GS has an Assy 250469 Rev. B board as can be seen here. I do not know if this finding is particularly special or unique (Commodore was not really known for its consistensy regarding components, LED colors, keyboards etc.), I just thought I would share it. I know that the Assy 250425 boards (Rev. A & Rev. B) also come in green and yellow, I just haven’t seen it before with the shortboards.





Here are a few more images. The board is currently in the process of being repaired/refurbished so it is missing quite a few ICs (VIC-II, SID and MPU).





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  1. C64 looks alien to me with yellow PCB! Fascinating though, thanks for sharing your discoveries 🙂

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