Ocean Park Arcade review on breadbox64.com. The arcade is located in Millenium City Mall in Vienna, Austria

Ocean Park Arcade

In the heart of Vienna, Austria lies the Millenium City Mall. The shopping center is like any other in the world, but in the basement you will find a little gem of an arcade hall… Compared to the arcade ‘Virtualand’ in Singpore (link), which was an arcade … Read more

Metal Slug inspired arcade machine with Pandora's Box 3 JAMMA arcade games

Metal Slug Arcade

My six year old nephew recently told me that he was saving up money to get a Sony PlayStation 7… I have heard of a PS 4, but at my age it’s socially acceptable not to be completely up-to-date with the latest console versions… Curious as … Read more

Breadbox64.com reporting from Virtualand arcade, Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street , Singapore

Hitting the Arcade

Sadly, amusement arcades are not that common anymore and in the US and Europe they have become few and far between! However, it seems that the arcades are still quite popular in Asia as they are fairly easy to find in major cities. So when … Read more

Monster Arcade senior MAME arcade machine on breadbox64.com

Monster Arcade Sr.

I recently posted images of a tabletop arcade machine that I’ve build – the Monster Arcade Junior (link). This post contains the full size version of the machine, the Monster Arcade Senior. The arcade is an upright version and its primary use is for playing … Read more

Arcade inspired coat hanger using arcade joystick and buttons

The Arcade Coat Hanger

I have been thinking how to make arcade inspired arts and craft. This is what I have come up with so far… Arcade inspired coat hangers! The coat hangers are all build from MDF boards or laminated chipboards using some 16 or 22 mm T-molds on the edges. … Read more

Consolized MVS Neo-Geo using a MVH MV1T board, lithium battery mod, Universe Bios mod in a cabinet of MDF wood,

The Consolized Neo-Geo Mod

When I was done with the MVS Neo-Geo inspired Universal Fight Stick I moved on to modding a MVS Neo-Geo board that I recently bought. The MVH MV1T board is loaded horizontally which makes it quite a challenge to make a slot in a cased solution slot swapping carts. As … Read more

Universal fight stick for playing original arcade games, Xbox games, Commodore 64 games, Neo-Geo MVS games, Playstation games and PC games.

The Universal Fight Stick

Just wanted to show off what I did in the dark months of winter. I wanted to build a fight stick which could be used for ‘everything’. This included a Neo-Geo MVS, a Commodore 64, a Xbox360, a PC and original arcade game pcb’s using a … Read more