The Arcade Coat Hanger

I have been thinking how to make arcade inspired arts and craft. This is what I have come up with so far… Arcade inspired coat hangers!

The coat hangers are all build from MDF boards or laminated chipboards using some 16 or 22 mm T-molds on the edges. The shafts have been taken from some cheap Zippy arcade joysticks. The balltops and the buttons are Sanwa/Seimitsu/Zippy/Happ from the bottom of my arcade spares box. The graphics have been placed underneath a layer of plexi glas.



And here are the final results. The first hanger was ‘old school’ inpired. The pink hanger is for the lady of the house…


The second one I made was inspired by the MVS Neo-Geo game ‘Metal Slug 3’.


The last one was inspired by some of the good old ‘Commodore 64 Games’ that I love: Bubble Bobble, Spy Hunter, Donkey Kong, Great Giana Sisters, Ollie’s Follies, Montezuma’s Revenge and Kikstart.


© 2015

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