JiffyDOS Reloaded MK2

Tired of waiting ages for your old floppies to load? One way to speed up transfer times between disk and the Commodore 64 is by substituting the standard CBM Kernal with an enhanced Disk Operating System. In this context, JiffyDOS was created by Mark Fellows in 1985 and … Read more

Commodore 64. Mod of the year 2016. Breadbox64.com

Mod of the Year 2016

A year has passed since Mod of the Year 2015 was presented on these pages (link). That mod was based on a very discolored breadbox case which was spray-painted. It also had heaps of holes to accommodate potentiometers and plugs for the audio signals. As this years mod, Mod … Read more

JiffyDOS Tutorial

The C64 Reloaded ROMs IC holds 2 Kernals and 2 Character sets located at specific memory locations on the EPROM. Each of the ROMs can quite easily be replaced in order to have two unique character sets (i.e. English & Danish) and two different Kernals (i.e. … Read more

C64 Reloaded JiffyDOS

On the C64 Reloaded boards, all ROM images have been burned into a single EPROM chip. As described by Individual Computers, this ‘…gives some extra space for a second Kernal ROM and a second character set’. As I will be using the C64 Reloaded with my JiffyDOS … Read more