New C64C board & Cases

I recently bought a pile of broken Commodore 64’s as described in this post. I payed like 35 $ for 7 PCB’s (2 short boards and 4 long boards), 3 cases (2 C64C’s and 1 Breadbox) and 2 working keyboards. Pretty good deal I got there!! Among the boards, were an Assy 240469 Rev. 3 short board that I did not have in my collection. The board had a burnt MOS 8500 MPU which I replaced by a working one. Further details on the  repair job can be found here. The Commodore 64C cases that came with the heap of broken PCB’s were in pretty poor shape so I got two new beige Kickstarter Commodore 64C cases on Ebay. The repaired board got a new case and my Assy 250469 Rev. A short board also got a brand new case. Now I’m patiently waiting for Phase 5 to send me some new keycaps to match the new cases.

In the pile of broken PCB’s there was a pretty nice breadbox case that I could use for my Assy 250407 Rev. C.

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