Broke my C64C Case

One of the best visual upgrades for the Commodore 64C has to be the new Kickstarter cases by Dallas Moore. During the campaing I got a transparent and a blue case. Later on I got two beige ones on Ebay and yesterday I got another transparent one. The purchase of the most recent case is the reason for this post.

In the process of attaching the C64 Reloaded board to the transparent case, I noticed that the left keyboard mount (3D printed keyboard mounts) would slide around underneath the board. So I decided to give the screw another turn to force the board down onto the mount to fasten it. Big mistake! The result was a broken screw inside the hole of my transparent Commodore 64C Kickstarter case. After crying out on the shoulders of my understanding wife and some Oreos cookies, I drilled out the screw. This is how the case looked after the operation.



As more transparent cases were available on Ebay I ordered a new one (only the best is good enough for my C64 reloaded boards!). As evident from this picture, the thickness of the keyboard mount is a little thinner than the plastic with the screw hole. If it is not trimmed down it is impossible to fasten the keyboard mount to the case.



It is real easy to do the trim with an Exacto knife. Here are the pictures of the end result.


And the board can hereafter be safely mounted.

IMG_4749© 2015

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