New C64 Keycap Campaign

Someone finally got too tired of waiting for Phase5 to deliver new keycaps from their 2015 campaign (link). Jim Drew, from (link) just launched another Indiegogo campaign in which he tries to reach a fixed funding (all-or-nothing) goal of 1000 keycap sets (link). If the goal is reached, the keycaps will be available in four colors: transparent, black, white and grey. Printing will be in the C64C top printed style while stretch goals may include prints on the front. The Commodore logo key may be identical to the original, but it all depends on C= Holdings B.V. (Commodore Corp.) which currently holds the rights to the trademark. Alternative options include the letters C-B-M, a check mark, a clown face, etc.. or just leaving it blank. Prices start at 35 $ for a set og keycaps + shipping.

I’ve already put some money down for three sets of keycaps for my C64Reloaded machines (link), Kickstarter cases (link) and my MechBoard64sĀ  (link). Would look awesome with a clear case and clear keycaps šŸ™‚

Please support the campaign so we can all finally get new keycaps for our C64Reloaded/Ultimate64 motherboards and new C64 cases. The campaign runs until January 17th 2020!

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  1. Hi MtnBuffalo, Thank you for sharing the good news. I just supported the campaign and ordered 2 sets. Finally my keyboard gets new keycaps šŸ‘
    BTW: Polabe Holding NV, based in Luxembourg, is currently the owner of the Commodore trademark rights. Polabe Holding NV acquired the rights from C = Holdings BV in 2014.

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