More C64 Repair Logs

During the last couple of weeks I’ve received 8 (!) broken Commodore 64 machines that were in need of repair. The repair logs of three of them have already been described here (link), while the latter five had issues ranging from faulty Serial Ports (link, link, link), … Read more

Jupiter Lander running with failed RAM chips.

Brute Force Repair!

I have fixed quite a few broken Commodore 64’s, but this one was by far the most challeging one! The machine started out as a simple memory fault that was fixed so it could run the cartridge game of Jupiter Lander. However, it took a … Read more

Broken C64’s Repaired

I just got this stack of broken and badly discolored Commodore 64C’s from a friend. The cases were made in China, Hong Kong and Germany… The first board is an Assy 250469 Rev. A board that had a broken keyboard – some of the keys … Read more

C64 Case Modding

Montezuma’s Revenge is by far my all time favourite game for the Commodore 64 (link). Maybe it’s because the gameplay is so simple. All you have to do is find keys, open doors, don’t get killed, get to the bottom of the maze, repeat… In … Read more

USB adapters for Commodore joystivks to modern PC's. more on

USB Joystick Adapters

Some people find it tedious to fiddle around with the good old Commodore 64 hardware but would still like to play some of the old games. They don’t mind playing the games in an emulator, as long as the joystick is one of the originals, … Read more

Commodore 64. Mod of the year 2016.

Mod of the Year 2016

A year has passed since Mod of the Year 2015 was presented on these pages (link). That mod was based on a very discolored breadbox case which was spray-painted. It also had heaps of holes to accommodate potentiometers and plugs for the audio signals. As this years mod, Mod … Read more

SD2IEC device from 16×8 Digital Retrovation. Internal installation in a Commodore 64C case / Kickstarter case. More images on

SD2IEC Mini Device

Primarily for nostalgic reasons, I still keep a few 5.25″ floopies in my collection. However, there are so many other ways to handle Commodore 64 programs and games than having to fiddle around with old diskettes. One of these devices is the SD2IEC which I have described … Read more