More C64 Repair Logs

During the last couple of weeks I’ve received 8 (!) broken Commodore 64 machines that were in need of repair. The repair logs of three of them have already been described here (link), while the latter five had issues ranging from faulty Serial Ports (link, link, link), a scrambled startup screen (link) and problems related to Control Port 2 (link). So I have spent quite some time in the basement doing faultfinding, removing broken parts, soldering in sockets and exchanging chips.

As the ‘C64 Repair Log’ section of the site is expanding, each repair has a short description of the fault and which parts were exchanged to fix the issue. The Commodore 64 breadbox repair logs can be found here (link), while the Commodore 64C repair logs can be found here (link). I hope they can be of use to others who have broken machines that need fixing.

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2 thoughts on “More C64 Repair Logs”

  1. Hi, I am looking to buy a damaged Commodore 64 case. May I ask you kindly to tell me where I am going to find them to buy? Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Theo, my best guess is on Ebay or e.g. a local second hand market for electronics. It may be cheaper to buy a broken machine, use the case for the repair and keep the motherboard for parts 🙂

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