KS vs. C64C Case Color

I just bought two beige colored Kickstarter cases from Ebay. I guess, Dallas Moore (the guy who stumbled across the original molds of the Commodore 64C case and decided to make a few batches), made a few extras that he is now selling through his shop on Ebay. I bought a couple of them as I have a few short board PCBs which could use some nice new original looking cases. Buying new cases are soooo much easier than retro-briting old miscolored cases. I know, call me lazy… However, it is hard to see the exact color of the cases on the internet, so here is a small color comparison between the beige Kickstarter case and the original Commodore 64C case. My Assy 250469 Rev. 4 machine serves as the ‘Commodore 64C Golden Standard Color’ as this machine has almost no discoloring or yellowing.

As evident from the images, the Kickstarter case is a little lighter than the original.


It is quite hard to distinguish the color difference between the two cases. The biggest difference is that the original case is more greyish, while the Kickstarter case is more whitish. I guess it is a matter of personal taste whether or not the new cases are too light colored. I like the color though and they will be containing some of my preserved original short board PCBs.



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