Bip Bip Bar arcade hall review on

Bip Bip Bar Arcade

I arrived at the Bip Bip Bar arcade hall late in the afternoon wearing my favourite t-shirt with ‘Arcader’ written on the front. An old rusty female bike was slapdash parked next to the stairwell leading to the basement entrance of the arcade. As I opened the … Read more

Ocean Park Arcade review on The arcade is located in Millenium City Mall in Vienna, Austria

Ocean Park Arcade

In the heart of Vienna, Austria lies the Millenium City Mall. The shopping center is like any other in the world, but in the basement you will find a little gem of an arcade hall… Compared to the arcade ‘Virtualand’ in Singpore (link), which was an arcade … Read more reporting from Virtualand arcade, Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street , Singapore

Hitting the Arcade

Sadly, amusement arcades are not that common anymore and in the US and Europe they have become few and far between! However, it seems that the arcades are still quite popular in Asia as they are fairly easy to find in major cities. So when … Read more