Green Short Boards

…and a yellow longboard have been added to my collection of Commodore 64 motherboards. The yellow Assy 250425 Revision B longboard is in really great shape. It has a MOS 8500 MPU which is quite unusual for the long boards. Normally they have MOS 6510 MPU’s. The board had a faulty Control Port when I got it and the repair log can be found here (link). More images of the board can be found here (link).

Apparently, the Commodore 64 Version E short boards (Assy 250469 Revision 3 & 4) were produced in yellow as well as green. The two green boards both had black screens of death when I got them and the repair logs can be found here (link, link). More images of both boards can be found here (link, link)

Commodore 64 short baords in green

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