C64 Storage boxes

I’m a Commodore 64 hardware horder! I have spend quite some time collecting some of the different versions of the Commodore 64 (link) that was produced over the years. Whenever I manage to get a new machine for my collection, I usually clean it (keyboard, case, PCB), replace the capacitors (link), the voltage regulators (link), capacitor C38 (link), add heat sinks  (link) or anything else to keep the machine running for as long into the future as possible. When I am finally done, I place it inside an antistatic bag and store it in a dark closet (don’t want them UV rays to get to the precious plastic!!). Lately, the storage part has started causing me some trouble. Primarily because my collection is growing and stacking machines on top of each other may not be the best way to do it. I was therefore thrilled when I found a cardboard solution from PolyPlay.xyz called ‘Box for Commodore 64’ (original title I know…). PolyPlay carry them in two versions: one for the Commodore 64 breadbox (link) and one for the Commodore64C slim cases (link). The former will also fit Commodore 16 and VIC-20 while the latter will also fit cases from Pixelwizard and the original Kickstarter campaign. The price is 5.50Euro/box (~6.25US$) plus shipping from Germany.

I ordered a small heap of boxes and a few days later they arrived at my doorstep. Each box comes with a small plastic bag with stickers indicating what type of case it holds. The sticker that holds the bag with the stickers rips the cardboard liner when removed. This is no big deal as it will be hidden inside the side of the box when it is folded. The box for the Commodore 64 breadbox has stickers for C64, C16 and VIC-20 while the C64C box has stickers for the C64C. Nice!

The boxes are easy to assemble, they are very stable and they are made of 5 mm thick double corrugated cardboard. As evident from the images below, my machines with the antistatic bags can easily fit inside the boxes… The stickers can be placed on the sides making it easy to tell which machine is inside which box when being stacked.

And that is pretty much it. Some nice cheap cardboard boxes for all my Commodore 64’s. It is no problem to have at least 5-6 machines stacked on top of each other as the boxes are really sturdy! Now I don’t have to worry about my machines falling out of the closet whenever I open the door. I highly recommend these Commodore 64 storage boxes for those of us who have more machines than we really need. Thanks PolyPlay for making a neat solution for a simple problem.

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