Commodore 64 capacitor modification by exchanging the old electrolytic capacitors with new ones.

The C64 Capacitor Mod

Despite the differences in opinion on the online forums regarding the exchange of the electrolytic capacitors, I always put in new ones when repairing a Commodore 64 board. I do not believe that exchanging them would do any harm to the board besides (hopefully!) prolonging the total life span of the machine. When I already have the soldering iron out, I also put in new voltage regulators. As I find it tedious to hunt down the right capacitor sizes for each version of the pcb’s, I usually order them from Phils Ruston’s Retro Spares Shop ( He offers capacitor packs with the correct capacitors for each pcb version already packed and ready for shipment.

The following images are from a mod job I did for a friend on an Assy 250425 Rev.B  long board.




It can also be done on a Commodore 64C board (Assy 250469 rev 4).

IMG_2444     IMG_2445

The MOS 8580 SID chip had been removed in this image as I was experimenting with one of the Nano SwinSID replacement options at the time.





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