The C64 Capacitor Mod

Despite the differences in opinion on the online forums regarding the exchange of the electrolytic capacitors, I always put in new ones when repairing a Commodore 64 board. I do not believe that exchanging them would do any harm to the board besides (hopefully!) prolonging the total life span of the machine. When I already have the soldering iron out, I also put in new voltage regulators. As I find it tedious to hunt down the right capacitor sizes for each version of the pcb’s, I usually order them from Phils Ruston’s Retro Spares Shop ( He offers capacitor packs with the correct capacitors for each pcb version already packed and ready for shipment.

The following images are from a mod job I did for a friend on an Assy 250425 Rev.B  long board.

It can also be done on a Commodore 64C board (Assy 250469 rev 4).

The MOS 8580 SID chip had been removed in this image as I was experimenting with one of the Nano SwinSID replacement options at the time.

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  1. Is there a list of the Capacitor size and voltage needed, along with commodore diagram list. I thought I had purchased a Sam’s Photofact on the C64. I ran across the C128 one but not the other. Is there a PDF service manual out there? Tim

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