Power LED Colors

I have noticed that the different versions of the Commodore 64C’s have various power LED colors. I do not know if Commodore was consistent with the LED colors of the different board revisions of the Commodore 64C’s, but these are the colors that the power LEDs have in my machines:

Assy 250466 

Power LED color of an Assy 250466 Commodore 64. Read more on Breadbox64.com

Assy 250469 Rev. 3


Assy 250469 Rev. 4


Assy 250469 Rev. A


Assy 250469 Rev. B


Assy 250469 Rev. B Games System


Assy 250407 Rev. B

And finally the classic red power LED of the Commodore 64 breadboxes. These were always red, except for the Commodore 64G version which was green.


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3 thoughts on “Power LED Colors”

  1. An image of the LED color of a Version B-3 motherboard (Assy 250466) was added to the post.

  2. If you own any 1541-II disk drives, check the power LED colors on those too as some are red and some are green. Very interesting indeed.

  3. C64G can have red or green power LEDs… not sure if it is indicative of any internal differences though?

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