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  1. I have made a few enquiries, but sadly i have found that if we wanted to get them made by a keycap manufacturer we would have to pay alot of money for the initial molds to be made. As mentioned in the pimp my Mechboard64 section, there are certain keys that do not fit. I have tried to make my own custom keys from resin which is something i am going to keep trying. I have spent around £50 on materials so far which could buy a full set of mechanical keycaps so i am in two minds on just how far to go with it 🙁 I do have enough resin left to have a few more tries.
    One option i think we have is if we (owners of the mechboard64) find a company to make the keycaps and split the cost between us. This would be a viable option and not as risky as that indiegogo attempt. I would like to hear other peoples thoughts on this. Maybe as more and more people get their Mechboards, there will be more interest and more options.

  2. “find a company to make the keycaps and split the cost between us” – that would be great. We’ve got cases, we’ve got motherboard (Ultimate 64), we have keyboard, only the keycaps are missing 🙁

    For now I think about buying blank Cherry MX keycaps, to have anything useable. Any suggestions?

  3. Hi Aard, would be awesome to get new keycaps. Before spending a ton of money on standard Cherry mx compatible keycaps, please take a look at this post (link). In that post, I tested just that and the result was not really convincing…

  4. Ok, first crazy idea: maybe one can 3D-print (and glue-in) an insert to the off-the-shelf keycaps, which will provide female socket where it should be? Do you think this might be possible with the keycaps you have bought?

  5. Hi Ard, I’ve had the same idea of creating 3D printed adapter to move the modern day keycaps to the side a bit to fit the C64 keyboard. It could be much like the keycap adapters for the RETURN key but for the Cherry mx switches. The biggest issue is that such an adapter will add to the overall height of the keycaps. This may work for the Function keys, but the SHIFT and RESTORE keys will be mountd higher compared to the keycaps sitting next to them…

  6. Do you think it would be feasible to print adapters to the remaining keys just to raise their height a little, to have equal height? I will probably do some experimentation, as right now I only have naked switches without any keycaps :/

    BTW, if you decide to offer MechBoard64 version suitable for using off-the-shelf keycaps someday, I would be willing to purchase it too (and keep the one I have in case someone creates more suitable custom-mold keycaps someday).

  7. Hi mongooseman,
    You have my support for getting moulds made for the key caps and I will put in some of the money for this. We just need to enlist some more investors. We also need a business savvy individual to lead the project, liaise with the manufacturer and oversee production. If this is successful we may be able to charge a little extra to recoup costs for the mould.

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