2019 Winter Batch

Current MechBoard64 batch: 2019 Winter Batch (Batch Running)

As of now, all those who have signed up for the next pre-order list have been offered a keyboard from the 2019 Winter Batch. I have not made plans for future batches just yet. If you still want to be added to the non-binding pre-order list, regardless that I don’t know when it may happen, you are very welcome to send me an e-mail (here). 

This is the current batch of the mechanical keyboard for the Commodore 64 – the MechBoard64. Further details on what each keyboard is bundled with can be found on the main page of the MechBoard64 (link). Further details and heaps of images of the keyboard can be found here (link). The installation manual can be found here (link).


  • February 14th 2019: 3D prints received and they passed QA. Microswitches ordered. All parts have been ordered. Now it’s all about waiting for parts to arrive 🙂
  • February 12th 2019: The PCBs have passed QA and have gone into production.
  • February 11th 2019: All keyboards have been allocated and payment received. The 3D printed key adapters are done and will arrive within a few days from the factory. The PCB’s have been delayed about a week due to the Chinese New Years (Spring Festival). This shouldn’t delay the April deadline whatsoever. Still waiting for a reply from the microswitch company. With a bit of luck, all parts should be ordered by the end of the week. I already got all other parts needed to complete the batch.
  • February 2nd 2019: Batch is running. The last keyboard is expected to be shipped no later than April 29 2019. I will keep you posted here to keep you informed on the progress of the production 🙂
  • January 26th 2019:  Emails sent to all buyers on the pre-order list


The price for a MechBoard64 is 155 Euro + 16 Euro for tracked shipping worldwide.

It is possible to order more than one keyboard. Up to two keyboards can be shipped for the same shipping price (16 Euro). If you need more keyboards, I will calculate the total shipping cost when sending out the confirmation emails.

If you have a long board (e.g. Assy 250425 or Assy 250466) in a C64C slim case (link) you will need to order an extension cable for 5 Euros.

I offer Cherry Locking switches as an alternative to the Shift Lock circuit with the LED. The price for a pre-installed Cherry Locking switch is 13 Euro.

If you want to use your own microswitches (Cherry mx styled switches) you can order the keyboard ‘switchless’ at a reduced price (-15 Euro). The price for the switchless version is 140 Euro.

Production Time

A batch takes up to 12 weeks to produce. Updates on the batch will be posted on top of this page.

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8 comments on “2019 Winter Batch

  1. I don’t believe interest has slowed down. I keep missing the pre-order, I will take 2. I know many others who will also want more than one. Just need to spread the word more.

  2. I visited the site several times before managing to purchase my Mechboard (and did it almost the last moment, by pure lack). Interest seemed to be low, because from customer point of view it was almost impossible to buy one. Hint: why not to try some cooperation with Gideon (like link on his Facebook and pages?) – there are a lot of Ultimate64 users (or potential users), who needs the keyboard.

  3. I think it’s a good idea to announce “last batch” so people like me finally make a move on preordering (just did 😉 ).

  4. Just sent you an email, but commenting here too. There is definitely more interest, but to be honest you’ve made it too easy to miss the short time window when one could sign up to the pre-order list. Don’t visit the site at the right moment, and puff! Your chance to join the next batch is gone. Happened twice to me now. 🙁 I want to buy one or even two of these, if I’m just been given a chance.

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