2018 Fall Batch

Current MechBoard64 batch: 2018 Fall Batch (Batch Running)

This batch is now running. If you did not get a keyboard, don’t worry! There will be more batches made at a later time. At the bottom of this page are instructions on how to enter the non-binding pre-order list for future batches. 

This is the current batch of the mechanical keyboard for the Commodore 64 – the MechBoard64. Further details on what each keyboard is bundled with can be found on the main page of the MechBoard64 (link). Further details and heaps of images of the keyboard can be found here (link). The installation manual can be found here (link).


  • December 13th 2018: About half of the batch has now been shipped and should reach most recipients before Christmas (fingers crossed). Those who have gotten an email about the delay will get another email as soon as their keyboards have been shipped. This will be no later than January 14th 2019.
  • December 9th 2018: Brackets for the remaining batch have been shipped from China today. They should reach me within 5-10 work days. This means that I cannot finish all keyboards before the 17th December as promised. Those affected have all received an email and the updated last shipping date is now January 14th 2019. If you have not received an email, I still expect to ship out your keyboard(s) before the original December deadline as promised! I am truly sorry for the delay but the Chinese production times and delivery times have been longer than I was informed.
  • December 4th 2018: The first keyboards have now been shipped! The spare parts for my wire bending tool (Space Bar stabilizer wire) are currently being held at the Danish custom’s services. As I’m probably not the only one importing gear from abroad, I assume that they are quite busy at the moment. I therefore have no control on how long time this may take. If for some reason I cannot keep my promise and ship the last keyboards out before December 17th, I will send out personal emails to those affected. I hope for your understanding.
  • November 25th 2018: I’ve finished about half the keyboards. After only positive QA tests of the keyboards I just needed to bend the custom keyboard stabilizers for the Space Bar. Unfortunately, the forming die of my bending tool (E/Z bender) broke during the process (link). I even broke my spare forming dye (rrggghhh!!!) so I cannot finish the first keyboards just yet. I’ve just ordered 5 new forming dyes to be safe! They come from the US and I expect them shortly. I’ve put in heaps of hours the last week to be able to ship out the first keyboards and then this happens.
  • November 19th 2018: I’ve received the first batch of brackets and they are perfect! The brackets have been powder coated instead of anodized. The visual finish is the same, but the powder coating has filled the marks from the bending tools hereby making an even more perfect surface. On top of that, the powder coating is way more rugged compared to the anodizing. I hope to start shipping the first keyboards later this week 🙂
  • November 6th 2018: Last night, the brackets passed visual inspection and all dimensions are well within specification. The brackets are now going into production. To increase the strength of the bracket surface even further, the aluminum will be powder coated instead of anodized. I expect the brackets to arrive within 2-3 weeks from now.
  • October 26th 2018: The received aluminum brackets did not pass QA! The manufacturer made a huge mistake with the bending part and the brackets need to be re-done 🙁 I’m therefore working with a different manufacturing company that takes their customers drawings very serious. They will run a test sample of the brackets which I will approve before moving on to mass production. This should eliminate any mistakes in the final product. I expect the new brackets to land on my doorstep in about 3-4 weeks from now.  Thus, I’m still optimistic in regards to having shipped out all keyboards before Christmas as promised 😉
  • October 22nd 2018: Switches received today along with the aluminum brackets. The assembly of the keyboards has begun.
  • October 18th 2018: Received heaps of packets with parts today. Brackets were shipped yesterday and I expect them to arrive early next week. All I need is the switches to start the assembly of keyboards.
  • October 16th 2018: Received the black PCB’s and they look awesome!
  • October 12th 2018: Final QA checks completed with the PCB factory. Prints are now being produced and expected to be shipped next Friday.
  • October 11th 2018: All 3D printed adapters were received toady along with a heap of ribbon cables and plastic spacers
  • September 30th 2018: The PCB company expects to ship in about 3 weeks from now. The same holds true for the company which is doing the laser cutting, bending and anodizing the brackets. The microswitches should arrive within the next 2 weeks or so. All other parts are already in stock. So everything seems to be right on track in regards to the shipping date stated below
  • September 24th 2018: More than 92% of the batch has been paid for and the keyboard production has commenced. All parts have been ordered and I’m now waiting for parts to arrive within the next 3-4 weeks. All orders are expected to be shipped out no later than December 17th 2018. Thus, everyone should have their keyboards before Christmas 🙂
  • September 20th 2018: Please note that there may be issues with the amount in the PayPal link. I have sent emails to those affected. Sorry for the inconvenience
  • September 20th 2018: Confirmation emails sent to everyone on the pre-order list
  • September 20th 2018: Non-binding pre-order list is full. Confirmation emails with payment instructions will be send out shortly. Currently all pre-orders can be fulfilled
  • September 18th 2018:  Non-binding pre-order email list open


The price for a MechBoard64 is 155 Euro + 16 Euro for tracked shipping worldwide.

It is possible to order more than one keyboard. Up to two keyboards can be shipped for the same shipping price (16 Euro). If you need more keyboards, I will calculate the total shipping cost when sending out the confirmation emails.

If you have a long board (e.g. Assy 250425 or Assy 250466) in a C64C slim case (link) you will need to order an extension cable for 5 Euros.

I offer Cherry Locking switches as an alternative to the Shift Lock circuit with the LED. The price for a pre-installed Cherry Locking switch is 13 Euro.

If you want to use your own microswitches (Cherry mx styled switches) you can order the keyboard ‘switchless’ at a reduced price (-15 Euro). The price for the switchless version is 140 Euro.

Ordering Info

If you are interested in buying one or more keyboards from this batch, you can sign up to the non-binding pre-order list by sending me an email with ‘Please add me to the MechBoard64 2018 Fall Batch list + COLOR’ in the subject line. Replace the ‘COLOR’ with the type of Gateron microswitch type you would like. The options are: Gateron yellows (55 g linear), Gateron reds (45 g linear) and Gateron blues (55 g clicky). The Gateron yellows resemble the original C64 keys the best in my opinion. If you want to add your own microswitches, simply replace ‘COLOR’ with ‘SWITCHLESS’.

If you want to add a Cherry Locking switch and/or the extension cable to your order, simply add ‘+CHERRY’ and/or ‘+CABLE’ in the header.

Production Time

A batch takes 10-12 weeks to produce. Updates on the batch will be posted on top of this page.

I Missed Out – can I still get a Keyboard?

If you did not get a keyboard from this current batch, don’t worry! There will be more batches made at a later time. If you want to be added to the next non-binding pre-order list you can send me an email (here). The email will simply add you to the next pre-order list and is a way to give me an idea of what size the next batch should be. By signing up, you will enter the list in the order in which your email came in. I will respond to the email when the next batch opens with instructions on how to chose swithces, extension cables etc.  Future batches will also be announced here (link).

UPDATE:  The non-binding pre-order list for the next batch has already been filled. It is therefore not possible to be added to the list at this time. When the next batch runs, the pre-order list will be re-opened and it will again be possible to enter the list for a future batch. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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10 comments on “2018 Fall Batch

  1. Thank you for the information. I have a 64C case and the Ultimate 64 from Gideon. Will I need an extension cable? Thanks.

  2. The standard cable will fit the C64C slim case/U64 combo perfectly. No need for the extension cable 🙂

  3. Any way to sign up to be reminded when the next batch starts, so we can preorder then?
    Also, any chance you would put the files for the PCB, or the schematic files, up?

  4. Hi Ross, thanks for your interest in the MechBoard64. As of now I don’t have a list to remind people that they can sign up for the next pre-order list. I don’t like to have people sign up for something that may not happen for quite some time. The next preorder list would be for a batch run way into 2019. Sorry 🙁

  5. Very interested in signing up for next batch. Even an email list for project updates would be a great addition.

  6. Hi MntBuffalo,
    about the next batch of the mechanical Keyboard. Do you have some estimated datelines ? Maybe an E-Mail distribution list will help you to calculate how many are interested in.nex

  7. I don’t have an estimated dateline yet but expect it to run early next year. I really want to finish this current batch off before starting on a new one 🙂
    The pre-order list is already full for the next batch. However, when that batch is running, I’ll open up the pre-order list for the next batch. Doing it this way may seem cumbersome, but ensures that I don’t violate the GDPR rules of mass-emails.

  8. I’m definitely in for a cherry keyboard, this is the update that C64 always needed. I might have missed the distinction between the various switches, two are linear and one is clicky? I’d definitely prefer the clicky version please.

  9. Hi Grunchy, the MechBoard64 is only sold with Gateron switches. It is currently offered with two linear and one clicky type. If you want Cherry switches you can order the keyboard ‘switchless’ and install you own Cherry mx styled microswitches 🙂

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