I have two C64 Reloaded mk1 boards. They have been stowed away since I got them back in 2015 and haven’t been used. I won one of them in the email auction (black precision sockets) and the other (green ZIF-sockets) by getting very lucky when Jens released them in very small ‘drips’ on his site back in 2015. The board with the ZIF-socket (link) has been sitting on a shelf without being used. It has a SuperPLA V3 PLA installed along with a CSG8701 replacement PCB. It’s mounted in a blue Kickstarter case (link) with orange 3D printed keyboard brackets made by Tommes/PixelWizard (link). It has one of my two MechBoard64’s installed with black Gateron switches (linear 55g/70g bottom out) (link) and brown keycaps.

The machine has a licensed  JiffyDOS Kernal (RETRO innovations). The power switch makes it possible to switch between CBM DOS and JiffyDOS (link). The orignal Kernal chip is in the spares bag. The board is mounted with a NOS SID chip (8580R5) and MPU (6510). VIC-II (8565R2) and CIA (6526) are all used chips.

It comes with an original PSU, extension cable for the MechBoard64, Cherry Locking switch, extra LEDs for the Shift Lock circuit of the MechBoard64 (green, red and blue), keycap puller, extra 3D printed key adapters, a few spare microswitches, a heap of liquorice pipes, SuperLube and a LEGO character for the office.

Asking price is 800.00 Euros + shipping anywhere in the world. The price is close to what I paid for the parts including shipping, custom fees, taxes etc.  🙂

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