Commodore 64 Montezuma's Revenge featuring Panama Joe game review including a walkthrough video

Montezuma’s Revenge

This is the Commodore 64 game that I remember playing the most as a kid. I used to play it for hours at a friends house. I think we made it to the 5th or 6th level and then died. Good times! When I picked up the … Read more

Repair logs for a Commodore 64 Assy 250407 Rev. B and an Assy 250407 Rev. B with broken PLAs at U17

New Repair Logs Added

I got a load of broken breadboxes that needed to be resurrected. Two of them have been fixed and the results have been added to the repair log pages. Both boards were Assy 250407 Rev. B.  PCB’s that needed a good clean and some new chips to … Read more

Commodore 64 restore button modification to make the RESTORE key as sensitive as the rest of the keyboard


A friend of mine asked me to do something about the sluggish RESTORE key in one of his Breadboxes. It turns out that on the old longboards of the Commodore 64, the RESTORE key needs to be hit hard to function due to a misdimensioned … Read more

Arcade inspired coat hanger using arcade joystick and buttons

The Arcade Coat Hanger

I have been thinking how to make arcade inspired arts and craft. This is what I have come up with so far… Arcade inspired coat hangers! The coat hangers are all build from MDF boards or laminated chipboards using some 16 or 22 mm T-molds on the edges. … Read more