2018 Signature Batch

Current MechBoard64 batch: 2018 Signature Batch

The pre-order list for this batch is full. No more pre-orders can be send at this time. If you did not get a keyboard from this batch, don’t worry! There will be more batches made at a later time. The next batch will be announced on the MechBoard64 main page (link).

This is the very first batch run of the new mechanical keyboard for the Commodore 64 – the MechBoard64. I will make about 30 keyboards to see if there is a market for a product like the MechBoard64. To make this first batch as attractive as possible, the keyboards will be numbered and signed. Further details of what each keyboard is bundled with can be found on the main page of the MechBoard64 (link). Further details and heaps of images of the keyboard can be found here (link). The installation manual can be found here (link).


  • July 29th 2018:  Non-binding pre-order email list open.
  • July 30th 2018: Non-binding pre-order list is full. Confirmation emails with payment instructions will be send out shortly.
  • July 30th 2018: Confirmation emails have been send to everyone on the pre-order list. Currently all pre-orders can be fulfilled.
  • August 6th 2018: All payments have been received and the batch production has commenced. All orders are expected to be shipped out no later than October 29th 2018.
  • August 10th 2018: All parts needed to finish the batch have now been ordered. I expect to have them delivered within 5-6 weeks from now.
  • August 16th 2018: Completed the first 10 keyboards. Shipping of these will start early next week. Soldered Shift Lock circuits and pin headers in the remainder of the batch (link) while listening to old mixed tapes.

Price and Ordering Info

The price for a MechBoard64 is 155 Euros + 16 Euros for tracked shipping worldwide.

Please note that for this limited first batch, only one keyboard can be ordered per person to serve as many people as possible.

If you have a long board (e.g. Assy 250425 or Assy 250466) in a C64C slim case (link) you will need to order an extension cable for 5 Euros.

Some people would like to use their own microswitches. This option is not available for this very first batch but may become available in future batches.

Production Time

A batch usually takes 10-12 weeks to produce. Updates on the batch will be posted on top of this page.

I Missed Out – can I still get a Keyboard?

If you did not get a keyboard from this current batch, don’t worry! There will be more batches made at a later time. Future batches will be announced here (link).

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6 comments on “2018 Signature Batch

  1. The pre-order list was maxed out in less than 15 hours after I opened it! I’m really overwhelmed by the interest in the MechBoard64. Thanks guys! I will send confirmation emails out within the next few days with payment information.

  2. Confirmation emails with payment instructions have been sent to everyone on the pre-order list. I’m happy to announce that all pre-orders can be fulfilled 🙂 If everything goes smoothly, the batch production can be started already during next week! I will post the expected shipment dates as soon as possible hereafter.

  3. Hi Michael, as of this morning only two people haven’t paid yet and the payment deadline is not until Monday next week. I’m therefore pretty confident that there will be no left-over keyboards from this batch. Sorry.

  4. All orders have been processed and the batch is now running. As I have parts for the first few keyboards in stock, I expect to ship these out shortly 🙂

  5. This evening I completed and quality checked the first 10 keyboards. I will start packing and ship these out early next week.
    I’ve finished the Shift lock circuits and the pin headers in the remainder of the keyboard PCB’s. The batch is currently a little ahead of schedule 🙂

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