Green Short Boards

…and a yellow longboard have been added to my collection of Commodore 64 motherboards. The yellow Assy 250425 Revision B longboard is in really great shape. It has a MOS 8500 MPU which is quite unusual for the long boards. Normally they have MOS 6510 MPU’s. The board had a faulty Control Port when I got it and the repair log can be found here (link).¬†More images of the board can be found here (link).

Apparently, the Commodore 64 Version E short boards (Assy 250469 Revision 3 & 4) were produced in yellow as well as green. The two green boards both had black screens of death when I got them and the repair logs can be found here (link, link). More images of both boards can be found here (link, link)

Commodore 64 short baords in green

Commodore 64 short baords in green

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